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While it is technically possible to achieve a measure of freedom from addiction quitting cold turkey,

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In common perception, addiction is easily seen as a matter of personal responsibility. It is thought that people

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Alcohol addiction is a severe and chronic mental disorder that drives the people that it affects to compulsively

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Drug Rehab Centers Mesa (480) 459-4137

At Drug Rehab Centers Mesa, patients are given the resources and tools that lay the groundwork for what they must continue to learn and do the rest of their lives in order to successfully stay in recovery from addiction.

Drug Rehab Centers Mesa AZ offers many treatment models and approaches, and each individual struggling with addiction will need their own specialized treatment plan that will best work for them. Many programs are group-based, but group therapy, including family therapy, can be paired with individual counseling, as well in a comprehensive approach to helping each patient.

The treatment professionals at Drug Rehab Centers Mesa are dedicated to helping patients reach and maintain lasting sobriety. Once in recovery, making it a daily mission to stay clean and sober and prevent relapses is what each patient needs to do in order to maintain a balanced life. To speak to an addiction specialist about your options for recovery, dial (480) 459-4137.

When a person enters drug rehab they must want to cease using drugs or the treatment is likely to not be successful. Experts say that participating in a drug treatment program without being committed to success is a waste of time and money for everyone involved. Recovery from drugs or alcohol is never easy no matter how severe the addiction is for an individual and addiction recovery programs are designed to address all of the nuances involved.

Signs and Symptoms of Dependence

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that indicate someone is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol:

  • The person becomes secretive, isolated and cuts off normal family and social connections.
  • The individual shows hyper-excitement, chronic fatigue, poor skin condition or general lack of attention to appearance.
  • They fail to show up for classes, for work or for family responsibilities.
  • The person complains of illnesses or must be taken to the hospital frequently.
  • Increased tolerance – more drugs are needed to produce the same effects
  • Inability to quit – the user continues to go back to drug use
  • Withdrawal symptoms when quitting – physical withdrawal symptoms cause the user to continue the drug use

How the Family is Adversely Affected by Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction influence the family dynamic in the following ways:

  • Damage family relationships, sometimes beyond repair if left unchecked
  • Decreases the stability of the home
  • Creates a lack of unity in the family
  • Damages the mental and physical health of both addict and family
  • Creates a chaotic family dynamic
  • Causes financial problems for families with missed work, theft by the abuser and family members giving the abuser money
  • Abuser’s mood swings which affect the mood and functioning of the family
  • Cause physical violence in the home
  • Abusers who are parents can create self-esteem problems in their children
  • Abusers who are parents can create a sense of helplessness in their children since children can’t do anything to change the parent’s use
  • Family may be enabling the abuser to continue using alcohol and drugs
  • Abusers who are parents can create a sense of helplessness in their children, since children can’t do anything to change the parent’s use
  • Family may be enabling the abuser to continue to using alcohol and drugs
  • Family develop a sense of helplessness due to their inability to stop the addiction problem

To speak to an addiction specialist who can help you decide which treatment options are best for you, call Drug Rehab Centers Mesa at (480) 459-4137.

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