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Although the detox process frees addicts of their symptoms, it should not be the only course of treatment. Addiction recovery programs are extremely important because they help determine why the addict abused drugs in the first place and helps patients identify these trigger situations.

As with most other mental disorders, addictions are chronic illnesses: their effects cannot be pushed back in a few weeks. They require long-term treatment. Detoxification helps pause the most troubling effects of addiction, nothing more.

At Drug Rehab Centers Mesa, we offer several addiction recovery programs that will help you get on the path to a healthier, happier life. Call us today at (480) 459-4137.

The Importance of Addiction Recovery Programs

Addiction recovery programs are the result of research into the ways in which recovering addicts are seen to respond to life after detoxification. Patients tend to experience the following:

  • Occasional cravings in response to trigger events
  • Raging guilt, regret, self-loathing and depression over mistakes of the past
  • Anxiety over finding or retaining employment
  • Stress over the fallout of financial, legal and personal problems
  • Psychological and mental challenges arising from past substance abuse, such as an inability to feel motivated, or to focus on work

These problems would already be tough for any normal person. For someone emerging from an addiction, they can be oppressive enough to warrant re-entering substance abuse. Addiction recovery programs approach each one of these problems from a range of angles.

Twelve-Step Programs

A 12-step program is a collection of therapeutic steps that recovering addicts work through to overcome the psychological problems that they face. Various steps help them leave guilt, self-loathing and regret behind, and turn the page on their lives. Participants regain confidence in themselves through helping others, earn the love of their family by rebuilding ties, and rediscover spirituality.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many of the choices that addicts make tend to be nothing more than the result of bad adaptive strategies and poorly developed behavioral abilities. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients identify these areas and learn better life strategies through practice.

Addicts, for instance, often tend to turn to drugs when life becomes difficult to take. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help patients understand how quick, escapist solutions to problems only result in bigger issues.

Training for Specific Personal Challenges

While all recovering addicts do need to attend 12-step programs and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, many usually need help with more specific areas of challenge. Advanced therapeutic programs offered by drug and alcohol rehab centers such as ours in Mesa, AZ help patients with these needs.

  • The inability to communicate: The better patients communicate with their therapists and fellow addiction survivors, the faster they are likely to improve. For patients who find it hard to get in touch with their own feelings or with those of others, rehab centers recommend art therapy sessions. From music to poetry, art therapy helps patients express what they really feel, and use their artistic expressions as a way to open up.
  • The absence of a support network: An addiction can greatly strain a person’s relationships at home. This situation usually results in a poor support network for the addict, a situation that can hobble any recovery effort. Family therapy helps by bringing therapy to the entire family. Modern addiction science considers family therapy extremely important.

Looking for the Best Treatment

The success of addiction recovery programs rest entirely on the skill of the therapists involved. It can take compassion, a great deal of experience and a deep skill set for drug treatment therapy to succeed. Our staff at Drug Rehab Centers Mesa have this experience. Call us today at (480) 459-4137.

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