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Alcohol addiction is a severe and chronic mental disorder that drives the people that it affects to compulsively consume alcohol with little ability to grasp its harmful effects. While the cure—not drinking alcohol—may seem simple enough to most people, it can be impossible to the addict. Prolonged exposure to alcohol causes physical damage to the brain that puts both self-awareness and the self-control out of reach.

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How does Alcoholism Treatment Make a Difference?

Alcoholism treatment is a set of rehab treatments built up over decades of research into the way addiction works on the brain.

A number of established scientific principles are applied:

  • Excessive consumption is only the proximate cause of alcoholism; targeting alcohol consumption by itself rarely helps. The ultimate cause of alcoholism lies in the mind.
  • Genetic, psychiatric, behavioral and personality-related disorders need to be addressed if long-term sobriety is to be achieved.

Once an addiction is set in motion, it can never be cured; it can, however, be effectively treated through long-term engagement with psychological and therapeutic methods. Alcoholism treatment successfully sets addicts on the path to an alcohol-free life through the application of these principles.

How does Alcoholism Start?

Alcoholism begins with prolonged alcohol abuse. It’s defined as consumption that results in blood alcohol concentration levels in excess of 0.08 g/dL. In more accessible terms, this would translate to a male adult consuming five drinks or a female adult consuming four drinks in the space of two hours. Abuse consists of such behavior at least five days a month. This type of drinking is hardly rare; it affects one in four of all adults in the U.S.

With prolonged abuse, the brain begins to undergo a number of changes:

  • Alcohol boosts the brain’s levels of the dopamine neurotransmitter and suppresses its level of the GABA neurotransmitter.
  • The brain experiences severe disruptions to its chemical balance. While the brain at first attempts to correct the imbalance, it gives up attempting after a while. At this point, the brain is said to be dependent on alcohol for fundamental brain neurochemistry maintenance.
  • The brain’s dopamine receptors begin to die through excessive exposure to dopamine. In addition, alcohol acts on the brain to force the creation of a deep, compulsive habit.
  • The brain sustains physiological change and damage that cause behavioral changes.

When addicts attempt to quit on their own, the altered neurochemistry of the brain can make this process both painful as well as dangerous. Alcoholism treatment is the only solution. To be successful, any recovery program would need to address each one of these problems.

How does Alcoholism Treatment Work?

Alcoholism treatment uses multiple methods to address the deep effects of alcoholism:

  • Detox: Withdrawing can result in highly dangerous symptoms such as seizures and cardiac disruptions. Attempting to detox without close medical supervision can be risky. In detoxification treatment, doctors use high-tech medications such as disulfiram and naltrexone to suppress cravings and withdrawal symptoms. For alcohol, detox is best done on an inpatient basis, where close medical supervision is always on hand.
  • Psychiatric treatment: Patients receive psychiatric evaluation and treatment for the presence of mental illnesses that may complicate recovery from addiction.
  • Aftercare programs: Patients are offered a wide variety of psychological and therapeutic care to cope with the psychological and behavioral challenges that they face attempting to cross over into a sober life. These programs help recovering addicts learn the skills that they need to overcome cravings when they occur, offer training in focus and mindfulness, teach motivation, moral growth, the ability to love and spirituality.

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