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While it is technically possible to achieve a measure of freedom from addiction quitting cold turkey, it isn’t a good idea to try it. The painful cravings and withdrawal symptoms involved can be more than just difficult to accept; they can be dangerous, as well.

Most addicts attempting this route to power their way through to sobriety simply abandon the course midway; others carry lifelong scars of post-traumatic stress disorder. The path from addiction to sobriety, then, needs necessarily to begin with medical detox. At their best, medical detox programs help patients escape cravings and withdrawal symptoms with minimal discomfort. They make an important contribution.

People who successfully complete medical detox are able to live free of cravings or withdrawal symptoms from one day to the next, in the short term. However, medical detox should not be the only course of treatment. Aftercare services such as relapse prevention therapy and addiction recovery programs must also be utilized in order to achieve sobriety for the long-term.

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What Happens with Addiction?

Addiction happens when a person no longer feels in control of their attraction to substance abuse. Asserting will power is no longer an option.

  • When addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol work on the brain, they activate the release of large quantities of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for a number of functions including the activation of feelings of pleasure and the creation of new forms of instinctive behavior.
  • When drugs disrupt the chemical balance, the brain tends to take corrective measures by lowering its level of sensitivity to those substances. This situation causes tolerance, a well-known feature of all addictions. Most of the time, patients simply respond by raising the level of drugs that they use. The greater the exposure to drugs, the greater the imbalance.
  • Soon, the brain is no longer able to handle incoming drug levels, and ceases to attempt regulation. At this point, the brain becomes completely dependent on drugs for its supply of dopamine.
  • When the patient attempts to quit, the brain is left with no neurotransmitter control system at all. As it gears up for production, the patient can experience the effects in the form of the withdrawal syndrome, with symptoms such as cardiac arrest, seizures and mood swings.

Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Withdrawing from methamphetamine: A drug that is chemically similar to the brain’s dopamine neurotransmitter, methamphetamine (and amphetamine, as well), remains in the brain far longer than any other drug, causing a great amount of damage. Withdrawing from meth addiction usually results in paranoia, psychotic behavior, anxiety and depression for weeks.
  • Withdrawing from heroin: Heroin is capable of forming addictive effects more quickly than nearly any other drug; withdrawal from heroin tends to be extremely difficult, as well. Patients experience obsessive thoughts, unfocused anger, physical pain, muscular cramping and insomnia.

Our detox experts are able to help patients withdrawing from these drugs and others through the application of some of the most advanced medicines in existence. The dangerous effects of meth and heroin withdrawal are suppressed and made far more tolerable through the administration of Suboxone.

Choosing the Right Detox Treatment Program

Medical detox is offered in two different treatment environments. It is possible, for instance, to accept detox at an outpatient center a couple of times a week, while living at home. However, the outpatient method is rarely as successful as the inpatient one for patients who come in with complications.

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